What is the Treaty of Lausanne Will Turkey Establish the Ottoman Empire

What is the Treaty of Lausanne? Is Turkey Establish the Ottoman Empire once again?

The period of Ottoman Empire was the golden period in the history of Muslims. Is the Caliphate of Osmania going to be active again? And is the period of the rise of Muslims going to start once again? In this regard, different comments are being made in the media. But why have the visions of the activity of the Ottoman Caliphate suddenly started? Is that actually going to happen?

Actually, one of the reasons for this is that after the First World War, an agreement was reached between the Allies and the Ottoman Caliphate in 1923. It is known as the Treaty of Lausanne. Because this agreement was concluded in the city of Lausanne in Sutherland. That is why it is known as the Treaty of Lausanne in history. This year i.e. 2023, 100 years of this agreement are going to be completed. And for this reason, different trends are appearing on social media and electronic print. But why was this agreement made?

Actually, between 1914 and 1918, the First World War Allies included the Roman Empire, Britain, France, and Serbia. He ran against Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire. In this intellectual war between the 2 groups, the Ottomans were defeated and they lost along with their allies. Now the group that lived by what happened divided the territories of the defeated countries among themselves. The allied countries, Britain, France, and others occupied the lands of Germany, Hungary, and Austria. The Greeks have continued to occupy the territories of Anatolia, current Turkey. Not only were the Allies occupying these areas, but they were also placing severe restrictions on them. Under one of them, the army of the Ottomans was almost annihilated.

When the army was limited, neighboring Greece got the opportunity to occupy the Anatolia region. And he started conquering these areas. It was very important to stop Greece. Looking at the situation, the formal beginning of nationalism took place in Turkey. When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk gathered the nation under one flag to stop the Greeks. Mustafa Kemal a military officer, was the founder and first president of modern Turkey. At that time, this arrangement was done and in 1921 The Turks defeated the Greeks. Mustafa kamal 3 March 1924 through the legislation, the caliphate and all the political powers of the caliph were abolished. And therefore opinions were also divided regarding Mustafa Kamal. One signature of his life became a setback in the activities of the caliphate. Thus the Ottoman Caliphate ended. And the title of Khalifa was abolished. The defeat of the Greeks alerted Britain and this alliance. This group wanted the turkey to be bound under certain conditions. For which it was necessary to enforce an agreement. And so the contract was drawn up.

What is the Treaty of Lausanne? Will Turkey Establish the Ottoman Empire?

The states of the Ottoman Caliphate went to the Allies. The Caliphate ended and the Caliph was exiled along with his family.

According to the agreement, Turkey has been bounded that it will not be able to do any drilling on its land or on its land. And all the petrol he needs will be procured from outside. Not only this but the port of Bas Force, which is considered very important in trade, through which 45,000 ships pass daily. It was made a global ocean. Turkey has been restricted in that it will not be able to collect taxes from passing ships. In this agreement held in July 1923, Turkey accepted the withdrawal of its territories and in return recognized itself as an independent state around the world.

Now many people are thinking that if the agreement ends, then the areas from which Turkey withdrew in past, including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, etc., will be ruled by Turkey once again. The current ruler, President Tayyib Erdogan, will also have the power to restore the post of the caliphate and the Muslims will once again have a leader.

Let me tell you that in this agreement made 100 years ago, there is no expiry date written anywhere. By the way, according to international law, every agreement in the world automatically expires after 100 years. Similarly, this contract is also ending. Interestingly, this agreement was signed by the representatives of Turkey, Great Britain, France, Romania, Bulgaria, and others. But none of the countries has come forward to terminate this agreement to date.

As far as the activities of the Ottoman Caliphate are concerned, those who keep an eye on history are not giving more importance to it out of fear. The historian believes that it is very difficult to find a place for the caliphate in modern Turkey. However, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan’s repeated use of the word new Turkey in his statement is giving this impression to his supporters and opponents. They want to restore the Ottoman era again.

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