Who was Mongolian King Genghis Khan | Complete Biography of Genghis Khan

Who Was Mongolian King Genghis Khan | Complete Biography of Genghis Khan

When and where Genghis Khan Was Born?

Temujin, who is better known as Genghis Khan is a name in the pages of history that almost everyone is familiar with, was born in 1162 to a noble family in the Delon Bulldog region, now in Mongolia. He spent much of his early life as a nomadic herder in the harsh steppes of Mongolia. But his early life was one of hardship and struggle as his father was poisoned by a rival tribe when he was only nine years old and his family was forced to live a life of poverty and exile.

How Genghis Khan Came to Power?

Despite these challenges, He quickly learned to be a skilled warrior and leader, and over time he united the many tribes of Mongolia under his banner. Genghis Khan first came to power in 1206 and started conquering the areas around him. Over the next several decades, he led a series of campaigns that saw him conquer much of Central Asia, China, and Eastern Europe. Thus he became one of the most successful conquerors in history and founded the Mongol Empire.

Death of Genghis Khan.

At the age of 65, Genghis Khan, the initiator of the Mongol Empire, passed away in August of 1227. The cause of Genghis Khan’s death remains uncertain due to varying theories and accounts regarding the circumstances surrounding his demise. According to a particular account, in 1227, he suffered internal injuries after falling from his horse while engaged in a battle with the Western Xia Empire. There is another theory that suggests his death may have been caused by his age and declining health, rather than any external factors since he was around 65 years old at the time of his passing. According to certain accounts, it is believed that his demise was most likely a result of a targeted murder, possibly executed by either a rival or a treacherous member of his own group. Although there is a lack of reliable historical evidence and conflicting accounts, the true cause of Genghis Khan’s death remains a mystery.

Interesting Fact about His Death.

Interesting Fact about His Death.
Interesting Fact about His Death.

Genghis Khan’s Stories of cruelty and bravery are known throughout the world as they caused the death of about four million people by the sword. He wanted to conquer the whole world, but he himself was defeated by death. His armies passed through the region, leaving behind stories of destruction. But for the people of Mongolia, he is still a great hero.

All the kings who have passed around the world, even after their death, their marks remain in the form of tombs, and these tombs were built because this king wanted them. People always remember him even after his death, but the surprising thing is that before his death, Genghis Khan made a strange will that after his death, no trace of his name should be left in the world. Humans could not find him even after his death, so he ordered his companions to bury him in an anonymous place, and according to his will, exactly that was done. The ground was
leveled by running the horses in such a way that no trace of the grave remained In fact, every person who attended his funeral was killed so that they could not even identify him, the slaves who had built the graves, and even any caravan that was passing by and found out that it was Genghis Khan. They were also killed and that’s why even today no one knows the grave of Genghis Khan, eight centuries have passed since his death, and many missions were conducted to find his grave, but a trace of the grave has not been found. Never Found the National Geographic Channel also launched a satellite campaign to find his grave called the Valley of Khan Project.

But finding an unknown grave in such a large country is like finding a special fish in the sea because Mongolia is a very backward country, there are no roads, and the population is very small. There is currently no chance of finding the tomb, and if it does, it will be a huge discovery for archaeologists who have been searching for it for centuries.

16 million descendants Of Genghis Khan

16 million descendants Of Genghis Khan
16 million descendants Of Genghis Khan

According to DNA analysis, Genghis Khan, the initial ruler of the Mongol Empire, could possibly have a present-day lineage of over 16 million descendants. This can be attributed to his numerous conquests and reputed high number of offspring.

As per historical records, Genghis Khan enjoyed a great number of matrimonial and concubine relationships and sired numerous offspring. Although the exact count is unclear, it is believed that he fathered anywhere from 500 to 1000 offspring. The descendants of this person are now widespread in various nations, such as China, Mongolia, and Central Asia. This lineage comprises individuals from both high and low social classes.

According to DNA analysis, there is substantial evidence that supports the notion that Genghis Khan has numerous present-day offspring. A notable discovery was made in 2003 when a research study revealed that a considerable proportion of males in specific regions in Asia shared Y-chromosomes that were reminiscent of those of Genghis Khan. As a consequence, it was inferred that they were his direct male offspring. According to certain authorities, it is believed that up to 16 million individuals presently in existence can trace their lineage back to Genghis Khan.

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